MHB Studio Custom Wood Recording Desk
MHB is in the studio recording his next album, which will feature positive uplifting songs. Stay tuned for more info and samples.

Who is MHB?

M.H.B. are the initials and “wittiest artist/band name yet” by Matthew Baron a singer/songwriter, guitarist and audio engineer originally from Chicago, IL, and who now resides in the Washington, DC area. Over the years he has led and played in numerous musical projects and it came time to settle in on one that would last a lifetime. MHB strives to write uplifting and life changing for not only his listeners, but also for his own personal life. “Music has always been my number one avenue to release the stress and trouble the comes with life. I always feel better after playing, writing and jammin’. It’s what I do.” says MHB.

About the Music

The music of MHB is a healthy mix of Blues, Rock, Reggae, Funk and more. Grabbing form the styles that have inspired MHB over the years. The blues come from his origin of Chicago, IL “Home of the Blues and MHB has frequented more blues clubs than you can imagine. From Buddy Guy’s Legends to Rosa’s Blues Lounge he has been schooled and respected by some of the greatest blues musicians to grace the windy city. His reggae guitar playing skills and love for the simplicity of music is what keeps his music fresh and yet familiar at the same time.