The New MHB Custom Pedal Board

Posted on September 12, 2013 by MHB 2 Comments

After a couple months of planning the finished pedal board is in use. Forever changing of course with the addiction of swapping and getting new pedals.

Special thanks to:

Brandon @ B Custom Cabs –
Andrew Rouse for technical assistance

View the Flash Gallery for the Step-By-Step building process

MHB Effects Pedal Board-26


  • Robert says:

    I have a few questions about your pedal board. I noticed the input jack on the right side of the board. Do you have any type of filtering on the input jack? Or does it feed directly into the first pedal in the chain? I built a similar pedal board, but if I hook it up using the input jack, the cable connecting the jack to the first pedal goes microphoninc, plus I get a lot of hum. All the other patch cables also go microphonic. If I plug directly into the first pedal, there is no hum, and all is well.

    • MHB says:

      Hi Robert, sorry for the SUPER late reply but I do not see messages unless I check them for some reason. To answer your question, I have no filtering on the input jack. It goes straight into the first pedal which is always a true bypass wah. I switch between a few. Not sure what is causing your issue. Might want to find a local tech to check it out. Have you tried going into a different pedal first? Or switching out the jack or cable? That is always my first approach. Good luck. Cheers

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