DIY Pigeon Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face MOJO Kit: Pedal Build and Review by MHB

Posted on January 19, 2014 by MHB The URL you entered is not a .mp3 file.

After my first build of a standard two channel true bypass looper pedal, I confirmed that the addiction of building my own pedals has started. I chose to start off how most builders of DIY’ers do and build a classic Fuzz Face Pedal. I searched for a while on getting parts on my own and using a breadboard, when I ran across Pigeon FX. From a bit of researching they had rather high praise for their quality and customer service/support was praised about Brooke. So I decided to order the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face Kit. Now while a few people said they had issues with getting the kits from overseas to the US, I had no problems. It arrived roughly in 2 weeks from time of order maybe less. Not bad considering how Royal Mail can be with customs. This also allowed me time to source the parts I needed to complete the build.

Audio Sample Test #1 – Classic Gain Set

Fuzz Face Pedal Clone Test#1

Here is a list of what I ordered. I had already had a enclosure that I planned to use.

Small Bear Electronics Stock List Items
1 Single-In-Line, Mill-Max   (Socket Single-In-Line Mill-Max) @ $2.50 = $2.50
1 #24 Pre-Bond, 50 Ft. Sampler   (#24 Sampler) @ $5.75 = $5.75
1 Alpha Single-Gang 24mm, Linear & Audio Taper, Solder Terms   (1K Linear) @ $1.25 = $1.25
1 Alpha Single-Gang 24mm, Linear & Audio Taper, Solder Terms   (500K Audio) @ $1.25 = $1.25
1 1/4 in. Stereo # NYS230   (Stereo #NYS230) @ $1.25 = $1.25
1 1/4 in. Mono #11   (#11) @ $1.95 = $1.95
1 CIC Blue 3PDT   (Blue 3PDT) @ $4.95 = $4.95
1 Dual-Concentric Knob For 9mm Pot   (Dual Concentric 9mm) @ $1.70 = $1.70
2 Large Fluted Silver Center, Dot Index, Colors   (Black) @ $1.20 = $2.40

I then began the search for some good Germanium Transistors. I ran across a high rated seller on Ebay and ended up winning a couple bids so I could play with two different trannies.

Germanium NKT 275 Transistors NKT 275 Transistors

Pigeon FX Fuzz Face Board

After the kit from Pigeon FX arrived soldered all the caps and resistors into place on the board.

Here is the pedal after the build. Design to come after I play it for a while and figure out a fitting name for it.

Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face iss1 MOJO Kit:

Audio Sample Test #1